Lots and lots of hours of hard work and practice go into every pretty run you see the horses make at a horse show!  I snapped a few pictures of T-Bone during a workout today that you might enjoy. He and Jason are coming together nicely as a team! T-Bone and his teammates will leave for Las Vegas on Friday….the show starts Sunday morning. 

Happy Easter and Happy Spring everyone!



Hello all! Spring is almost here and horse show season…at least in the Southwest…is in full swing! T-Bone and Jason have been working very hard in preparation to show in their first NRCHA Premiere Event together. The Stallion Stakes is a Reined Cow Horse event for 4 and 5 year old horses that are sired by a nominated stallion. The show starts on Easter Sunday, March 27 and goes through Saturday, April 2nd. It is held in Las Vegas, NV. This year there are 138 entries in T-Bone’s division. The horses will do all three events….reining, cutting and cow work….during the week and the top 20 highest scores will come back on Saturday to compete in all 3 events again for the Finals. T-Bone has been in 2 other smaller shows in the past month to get ready for this one. He is doing well and we are excited to cheer him on next week! You can once again join in by watching the show live at www. starting next Sunday. I will be posting updates throughout the week. 

Get ready to cheer! Go T-Bone Go!!






The Arizona Sun Circuit is over and horses and people have spent the past week recovering! What happens at a show besides actually going in the arena to show your horse? LOTS OF THINGS!! Our trainer took 20 horses to this show and they all have to be cared for the whole time….feeding, cleaning and exercising everyday. 

It was rather chilly during this show so the horses were bundled up in their “pajamas” most of the time!

Each time before a horse shows they have to be welled groomed, saddled up and then warmed up so they are looking and feeling their best when they step into the ring. After they show they are cooled down, untacked, washed and put back into their stall to rest and recuperate for the next run!

At the shows we often run into friends and spend a little time socializing! At this show one of T-Bone’s friends from Freedom Farm, Kathy McMahon, stopped by to say hello!! There is shopping for clothes, horse tack and even decorative items for your home! There are food booths to keep us going, but we also spend time with our teammates sharing meals potluck style….swapping stories and encouraging each other especially when the show lasts this long and everyone starts getting tired!

For T-Bone and Jason this show was a chance to really get to know each other and figure out what they need to work on before the big money earning shows later this year…starting in March. In that respect they had a very succesful first outing and we are excited for the future of this team together! Stay tuned and stay warm!! 😊


Hello from SOGGY…. not sunny…. Arizona! We are getting ready to kick off the 2016 show season, but Mother Nature is not playing nice here. T-Bone and his new trainer Jason have been working hard towards their first outing together at the Arizona Sun Circuit Quarter Horse Show which starts Friday, January 8th. This show is 10 days long during which they will show at least 6 times. Their goal is to get to know each other and start to form a partnership in the show ring that will hopefully be a winning team as we go through the year! I will post pictures and updates as the show progresses so stay tuned and think warm, sunny thoughts!

Have a wonderful day and Go Team T-Bone!!




Hello all! Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything, but there has not been a lot to post. T-Bone has been training hard, but taking time off from the show ring. That will all change starting in January as the 2016 show season begins! T-Bone will be 5 years old and will compete one more year as a Derby age competitor. But first let me tell you of the big changes in his life!

In November we made a tough decision to move T-Bone out of his current situation and place him with a new trainer. Many factors went into this decision and we all know that sometimes in life one door closes, but another one will always open and change can be a really good thing! T-Bone is still living in Arizona, but will now be under the expert guidance of trainer Jason Grimshaw of Grimshaw Training Stables, Goodyear, AZ…… Meet Jason and his crew at  The pair will make their show début together at the AQHA Sun Circuit show in Scottsdale, AZ starting January 9th. I will be adding pictures and updates after the Holidays when I get back to Arizona.

We will continue to donate 10% of T-Bone’s show earnings to Freedom Farm horses so stay tuned and be prepared to cheer T-Bone and Jason on! Until then all of us at Mystic Shadow Farm wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!    Kerry, Andy and T-Bone


Here are the links to the videos of T-Bone competing in the Derby Finals.

Here is the link to the professional pictures that were taken of T-Bone during the  Derby. These are the proofs and I need to choose some to buy so if anyone has a favorite let me know!
Have a good week….Kerry


Yesterday was the finals for the NRCHA Derby in Paso Robles, CA! As usual the action was fast and furious and full of many ups and downs! I am happy to report that T-Bone stayed consistent throughout and ended the night tied for 13th place! He earned a paycheck of $3300 which means that Freedom Farm horses will get another $330 from him to help towards their ever present needs!

 Sometimes adversity makes us stronger…. don’t give up, fight through the tough times and your goals will always be reachable!

Because I wasn’t at the show I don’t have candid pictures to share. As soon as I get some pictures and the finals videos I will post them for you to enjoy! Thank you all for cheering T-Bone on and being a part of his team!     😊 Kerry


Well today was the first day of the finals in California! All 20 Open finalists competed in the herd work event. T-Bone scored a 215 which is not his best score, but we will take it! He was working hard, but the cows were not real cooperative…. that’s the way it goes sometimes! You don’t always land on top…. sometimes you have to work extra hard to get up there! T-Bone and Corey will be back at it tomorrow competing in the finals rein and cow work…. stay tuned!

Here are the videos of the preliminary rounds from earlier this week. Enjoy!


I was not able to update you yesterday so I’ll start with that. Yesterday was the herd work and T-Bone had a great day! He finished with the 3rd highest score of the day, a 219.5! When that was added to his reining score from Monday it put him in 8th place overall….a good start to his show career as a 4 year old. Today was the cow work where anything can happen. Of the 101 entries only the top 20 will go on to the finals so a lot is on the line. T-Bone went early in the day, draw 13. After a stumble while circling the cow he recovered to finish with a score of 215. This was not quite as high as I had hoped for and knew that his composite score for the 3 events, 652.5, could be in jeopardy of not making it into the finals. I spent a very tense day watching all the other 88 horses go and taking the scores. It came down to the very last horse before I knew for sure that we were in! Corey and T-Bone finished in 19th place, but they made it and that’s what counts! Now they all start over and run all 3 events again. The herd work will be Friday and the Rein and Cow work will be Saturday. I will keep you all posted!


Have a wonderful day! Kerry



If you remember from last fall, the reining is a pattern that all the horses run. There are a series of circles, change of speeds, lead changes, spins, slides and stops. T-Bone and Corey competed in the Reining yesterday and had a very nice score of 218. That puts them in the top 20 of 101 entries after the first event. Tomorrow, June 17th, they will compete in the second event…. the Herd work. Since I am not at the show I can’t get up to date pictures to post for you so I included one of T-Bone practicing his sliding stop….. one of the reining maneuvers.

You can log on to to view the action live and to see all of the results!

Keep on cheering for T-Bone!!